Project 03: Billennium Dwelling: Part Two

March 13, 2013


Now what are we going to do?

K & C have just finished making the documents they think they need to describe the space: a series of drawings based on their observations and explorations. Space for themselves. But if they are going to make this work – they are going to need to set some ground rules. With an MSc in Mediation, C takes these ground rules very seriously, and fully believes that a signed mutual agreement on the mediation of space is the only way to proceed. No more tape lines. No more evictions. C diplomatically insists that before anything else they form a contract. K & C’s actions, changes, and use of space will be bound by this contract.

The Contract
Using what they have learned about e Space, what they already know about e City, and what they know (or think to know) about each other the two sit down to formulate a contract. The contract must be complete and signed by both parties before any changes to the space can be made, before any occupation, before dwelling.

Download project brief as .pdf file.