Final Portfolio

May 1, 2013


At the end of the first semester, you produced a portfolio that documented your first semester works from both the Design Tools and Skills (DTS) course and the Design Studio course. The final project for this semester in DTS will be to produce a portfolio that documents the works from the second semester in both DTS and Design Studio courses.

After four years at INDA, your portfolio will be one of the most valuable artifacts that you have. Your portfolio will be used to apply for work, further education, and to keep as reference. Over the years you will continue to revisit your portfolio in order to add new work and make revisions. Therefore it is important for you to establish a practice of incrementally documenting your work.

The final submission for this semester will be a printed portfolio of your works that is A4 or smaller in size along with a digital submission in pdf format and InDesign package.

Download project brief as .pdf file.