Project 03.2: Projections: Constructing Perspective

March 4, 2013


In the second part of our exploration into projections, you will learn to create two dimensional representations of three dimensional spaces extracted from plans and elevations. You will work with the spaces in your photographs from part 3.1 that will serve as your reference as you will go back to the same spot and carefully survey the space captured in the photograph and produce orthogonal drawings. You will need to produce plans and elevations of the space to use in a reconstruction of the space in the photograph in a one and two point perspective drawing.

Contrary to the parallel projections studied earlier, a perspective projection does not preserve the shape of an object, and measurements can be made to scale only in the parts of the object that lie in the projection plane. A perspective projection is distinguished from a parallel projection by:

  1. The convergence of parallel lines that are not parallel to the picture plane.
  2. The diminution of size with distance.
  3. This foreshortening (diminution of size) being non-uniform.

Download project brief as .pdf file.