Project 04.2: Mapping & Networks: Sequence

April 1, 2013


In this part of the project you will focus on a subset of the district that is defined by a specific sequence of human movements. The first part of this project will require you each to move through your district for a distance of 500 meters. The path or trajectory of movement will be defined by you. The method of movement must be walking. One terminal of your trajectory must be located the BTS station within your given district.

In this part of the project, the line that marks your movement through the city will serve as a record of your movement and datum.

Ultimately, this walk through the city will be translated into ONE drawing, where your movement will act as a cutting plane for an elevation and series of sections. With this in mind, you should carefully consider your route and your methods of documentation (photographs, sketches, annotations to earlier plan/elevations).

In addition to one elevation along the entire 500 meter length of your walk (technically all elevations are sections), you will be systematically taking cross sections through this same route. These sections should incorporate not only the architecture and sidewalk, but also the artifacts around you and the artifacts within the adjacent spaces. This may include street vendor carts, light/electric poles, cars, as well as the items that may be within a shop or home that you cut through in your section. Your observations, notes, and on-site documentation will be critical to the completion of these drawings.

Download project brief as .pdf file.