Design Project 1-1

August 13, 2013


In this project we will launch a rigorous study of form and formal operations. We will conduct this study through the definition and redefinition of geometric forms. We will employ methods of logical abstraction to form rules and systems. You will be the author of a rational process, with the goal of achieving a precise spatial performance.

1-1a Definition of 10cm3

Before we can transform anything, we must begin by establishing some definitions. The first part of the project challenges each of you to construct a perfect platonic solid.

The definition of an “ideal” ten centimeter cube will serve as a foundation for further geometric and logical investigations. The cube is to be built by using only chipboard and glue, and must define a polyhedra of 6 equal faces, 12 equal edges, and 8 equidistant vertices.

Link to full project brief as .pdf file *requires credentials to view