DTS Project 1-1

August 13, 2013

Line Studies: Freehand Inquiries

This project will have three major parts. Throughout the duration of the first project – Line Studies – you will inquire deeply into an object and forge a connection between what you see and what you do. Your hand, eye, and object will become intimately linked through the act of drawing. Your understanding of the object will emerge and evolve through continuous probing and refinement. Control of your actions and precision of your observations will expand exponentially.

The very first part of this project requires you to select an object. Your choice of object is crucial and must be carefully considered. The object should be something that interests you, but also something that will provide you with sufficient challenges and space to develop. We will be spending 4 weeks with these objects, so you must exercise critical judgement in your selections.

Link to full project brief as .pdf file – *requires cuinda.com credentials to view

Link to slides for project as .pdf file – *requires cuinda.com credentials to view