Design 2 – Project 1

February 8, 2014

Topographies: Hole in One & Sequential Putting Topographies

This project launches an investigation into topography at varying scales. In this project you will be challenged to develop a system of operations – or formal system – to construct a topography that responds to a program.

In this project you will address issues of topography and program in the design of a nine hole mini golf course. In both parts of this project you will work with a partner.

The project addresses two different scales. On one hand, the game of mini golf itself requires millimeter precision where the placement and size of the hole is critical to the design of the single hole. However, the game is not contained to a single hole and must be extended into a larger site. The design of a topography is often seen at the scale of meters, with the manipulation of large areas of terrain. Due to this disparity in scale, the project will be divided into two parts.

We will start by constructing topography from a blank slate (tabula rasa) and will be designing for a very constrained program. The first part will address the small scale of the putting surface itself, in the design of a single hole. We will build a one to one prototype and test our designs through a physical experience.

In the second phase we will use our experience to design a nine hole mini golf course within a given site. The second phase will no longer be working at one to one scale, but will still require an intimate understanding of the relationship between topography and program. The focus of this project is not to develop a new program, but to develop and deploy a series of operations on the topography that determine the performance of the programmatic sequences. Great importance should be placed upon the choreography of sequences while playing the nine hole course.

Aside from the physical performance of the game itself, the project should seek to construct a narrative through the sequence. This narrative must form a relationship between the site and the proposed program — performance of mini golf in terms of technique and trajectory. All aspects of the proposal must reinforce the thesis that is embedded in this narrative sequence, while producing a functional mini golf experience.

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