DTS 2 – Project 1-1

January 14, 2014

Digital Primer: Topographies: Physical Digital

The first exercise in DTS 2 will serve as a primer, or introduction, to some of the digital tools that we will be using this semester. We will do this by working back and forth between a physical model, something we know well by this point, and a digital model.

We will investigate the processes of translation between the physical and the digital, and question the different qualities between the two modes and media of production.

Similar to drawing, model-making is not only a mode of representation but more importantly a tool for design. We must gain fluency in both physical and digital modeling techniques in order to expand our design ‘toolkit’ and to avoid relegating some techniques to merely representational tools.

Downloads and Links **CUINDA credentials are required
Download project brief 1-1a and 1-1b as .pdf file
Check your assigned grid number in this spreadsheet
Download distorted grid patterns as .png files
Video Tutorials on INDA Vimeo Channel “INDATV”