DTS 2 – Project 1-2

February 1, 2014

Topographies: You Rock, Rock

This project continues our investigation into topography, in the study of a natural artifact – a rock. Why rocks? A rock is arguably one of the fundamental units of any natural topography. In an aggregate assembly, rocks create a landscape, contribute to an ecosystem, and contain a history in geologic time. Each rock is specific to a place.

Embedded within each rock is a history of geological event, natural and human forces. On a philosophical level, a single rock could be understood as a microcosm of the world itself. There is a long tradition – especially in Eastern thought – of rocks as scholarly and religious artifacts. See Chinese Scholar’s Rocks or Japanese Rock Gardens.

We mine rocks out of the earth. We eat them. We buy, sell, and trade them. We watch them move, ever so slowly [see Pitch Drop live feed] . Rocks are not only important, they are vital.

Each of you will be studying one rock. You will be digitally surveying the rock, mapping it, and making models of the rock. You will be adding to your tool-kit of physical<->digital transformations.

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Download Project Brief as .pdf file
Tutorial Video – Multiple background bitmaps