DTS Project 1-2

September 2, 2013

Line Studies: Construction & Kinetics

In this project you will learn to express the qualities of a 3D object through a series of constructed drawings, and to describe the nature of its movements and functions. It is a unique opportunity – and your responsibility to determine the relationship between space and time.

It is vital that you think carefully about the way your drawing will express both the geometry of your object, and also its performance. The act of constructing geometry and determining the performance (relative to a geometry) is like being a detective. You must be ultra keen in your observations. Your observations will solve problems, but also help you pose problems. Despite what you’ve been taught, making problems is a good thing… you’ll see!

You will be precise in construction, exploration of process, and clarity in how you represent the object’s movement. When planning these drawings, you must critically consider the whitespace on the paper relative to the drawn space. Consider the orientation, size, and materiality of the paper itself. Consider the forces outside the object that affect it, including the object(s) it activates (what a can is to a can opener). Space is paradoxically full and empty.

Link to full project brief as .pdf file – *requires cuinda.com credentials to view

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Construction Geometry Interactive Demos

1. Perpendicular Bisector
2. Trisect a line
More demos coming soon.