Design Project 3

October 20, 2014

Project 3 – Elemental Environments

The term environment, typically refers to a space or set of conditions surrounding our body.

We – human beings – actively manipulate our environments. We are constantly tinkering, or playing with our environment. From the way we cultivate the earth and seasons to ensure a steady supply of food; to the augmentations of our bodies with clothes that control our body temperature (not to mention outward appearance); to the spaces that envelop us and within which we eat, work, travel, sleep, play, and defecate; to the cities and infrastructures that support and control daily movements and socio-cultural exchanges.

For instance, The space you are sitting in now is an environment. It is one space within a collection of spaces. The space can be sealed off from the outside by closing all windows and doors. The temperature can be regulated with the push of a button. The light quality can augmented with the flick of a switch. We can control the environment, right?

Well… once you entered this space, everything changed. You opened the door and activated and participated in a chain of events. The volume of your body displaced air (you might have consumed some of the air too). You sat down in a chair and your body began to radiate heat into the space. Others decided to enter the space too. They sit beside you and you begin to have a conversation. Now the space feels much hotter and louder than it did when you first arrived. Things are getting out of control!

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