Design Tools & Skills One

Academic Year 2012-2013: The first year design tools and skills course for the International Program in Design and Architecture at Chulalongkorn University is conducted by Saul Appelbaum, Fredrik Hellberg, Jian Huang, Pratana Klieopatinon, Karin Knott Francisco Garcia Moro, William Patera, Evgeniia Sidorova, Tijn van de Wijdeven

Truncated octahedron aggregation. Credit:
DTS Project 3
October 20, 2014
Boolean operations, Exclude and Intersect
DTS Project 2-2
September 29, 2014
Michael Wang, “Carbon Copies" after Richard Serra's Torqued Ellipse
DTS Project 2-1
September 18, 2014
DTS Project 1-1
August 13, 2014
DTS One Course Syllabus
August 13, 2014