Reading Response: Assignment 01

August 10, 2012


Discuss how subjectivity comes into the reading of a work of art like the Hals paintings of the Regents and Regentess’, and what reading you take from it when you look at it, subjectively, and what causes you to interpret the work in that way. Also, remember the example from the reading of the t-shirt with the Mona Lisa on it, and the way that might be read, as the artwork is no longer a painting and has become part of a commercial design.

Deadline: Tuesday August 14th, at 13:00

All responses are to be posted on the INDA Year One Forum before the start of the following class at 13:00 on Tuesday. You were invited to use the INDA Year One Forum forum by email. If for some reason, you can not access the forum, please contact Aj. Will as soon as possible and he will assist you.

Please post your reading responses to the forum on the INDA Year One Forum. Responses are 350 to 400 words in length on Chapter I of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing.


Consider the fact that Berger is pointing out that there is a subjective and personal element to reading a work of art that comes from your own ideas about the words we listed out in class. You are also welcome to use another example of a painting from the book in your response. Use formal terminology, and please write clearly.

I strongly encourage you to also use the forum like a forum, and if someone else says something interesting in their posting please feel free to address that posting constructively. While this is not required, it is encouraged.

Writing Guide

Download the Writing Guide Here. You will be expected to follow the rules in this guide.